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README with a bit more info

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......@@ -3,14 +3,18 @@ ofxPostgresSQL
Wrapper for PQXX. Needs to link to libpqxx.
"Works for us" -- meaning the tested use cases are limited. Basic SELECT and INSERT work for us with a server on the LAN. Basic exception handling is provided.
Example shows how to use in conjunction with std::async responding to an ofxButton to gracefully handle background download and completion "notification" harnessing the update() loop.
Tested with:
- arch linux + qtcreator:
- $ sudo pacman -S libpqxx
- .qbs: add: 'libpqxx' to of.pkgConfigs[]
- in .qbs: add: 'libpqxx' to of.pkgConfigs
- macos + Makefile
- $ brew install libpqxx
- confifg.make: add: PROJECT_LDFLAGS+=-lpqxx
- in confifg.make: add: PROJECT_LDFLAGS+=-lpqxx
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